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Facebook and Public Relations: It’s all in the Strategy

How to make your social media marketing work in conjunction with public relations activity says Facebook Marketing Gal "

Facebook and Public Relations: It’s all in the StrategyPR strategies and Facebook
Facebook and Public Relations: It’s all in the Strategy

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When it comes to using any type of social media for your public relations campaign, strategic planning is essential. There are too many businesses that jump head first into social media, Tweeting, posting and attempting to sell themselves, with no real plan of attack. These are the people that you can feel certain will fail. In order to create value, which is what will increase brand loyalty, you must first create a strategic plan for meshing your public relations efforts with Facebook.

When you decide to cross this threshold and use Facebook for PR purposes, you need to remember that for many users, it is an extremely personal space. The communication between your brand and users should be intimate and it is important to take note of individual preferences and boundaries of users. With that said, initiating a PR strategy with Facebook requires planning and consideration of the following:

Create a Clear Call to Action
If you are going to attempt to build your brand with Facebook, you need to let users know exactly what you want them to do. Make it clear, simple and unmistakable the action that should be taken. “Click here,” “Find out more,” or “Go” are all simple instructions that will prompt action.

Provide “Human” Interaction
With the trend of embracing technology, there are many businesses that have set up automatic responses to social media comments, questions, etc. Instead take time to answer questions, be available for life chat and humanize your efforts, making you more relatable and therefore encouraging more people to follow, Like or engage with you and your brand.

Provide Value
Modern users need some sort of value or incentive to choose to interact with your brand, over all the others that are out there. This value can be in the form of discounts, free products or simply your advice and knowledge. The fact is that giving back will help to encourage engagement from Facebook users.

When you implement these tips you can create a happy union with your PR strategies and Facebook.

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