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Social Media Marketing Plan

Before jumping into social media marketing one must develop a social media marketing plan, just as a conventional marketing plan would be worked.



There is lot of discussion about social media and social media planning. Before launching a social media marketing campaign, it is important to define some essential points like the campaigns purpose and target audience then pin point the social marketing mediums that could possibly work for your business. Many marketers today skip this essential step and waste time trying all the mediums to find effective solutions.


Social media, as the word ‘social’ tells us that it is all about meeting people, making them friends, talking about their interests, telling them about your interests and in short creating a relationship. Here when we talk about social media marketing we are essentially making business relationships. These types of relationships are very fragile. Customers can get switched off with the smallest mistake a marketer makes, thus a customers and a business relationship is lost. In other cases if the word about your business, products and services does not get maximum exposure then your efforts are futile and you would not be productive with your social media marketing.


With social media being at the center stage of all the internet marketing activities, it is necessary that we choose a social network that has the ability of taking your products and services to many web users in shortest possible time. The reach of the social network sites must be studied before starting with the social media internet marketing and your target audience must be actively engaged in the sites chosen to participate in.


The mediums that are most useful and have a widespread reach include:


  • Press releases and the press release distribution services
  • Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn
  • Blogs - Well written blogs with the right set of keywords works in harmony with the search engines which (a) index these blogs fast (b) help in getting quality back links (c) present the blogs to the web surfers when a specific search query is made


One must not think the social media marketing plan any differently than conventional socializing. Simply put, it is the same as meeting people in social settings like clubs, golf courses or a restaurant.  When developing relationships through social media marketing think of yourself at an event where you have to present yourself and your products well, without which you might not gain any appreciation from the new acquaintances.

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