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Pinning SEO Value to Your Website With Pinterest

Give your website an SEO boost with backlinks for Pinterest "

Pinning SEO Value to Your Website With PinterestPinterest
Pinning SEO Value to Your Website With Pinterest

// Winter Garden, FL, USA // Social Media Gal // Sherri Lyn Giguere
Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest – Oh my! With so many social networking sites available how can businesses determine where to spend their time to gain the most value? After all, it is not about being busy but about gaining value.

Pinterest is now the number one source of referral traffic among social networks, giving websites more traffic than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined. An astonishing amount of referral traffic plus being the fastest website to ever gain ten million unique visitors gives Pinterest something to brag about.

But is Pinterest’s popularity right for your brand? We’ve all heard the rumors that Pinterest is just for consumer brands or that only women are pinning. These are dirty little lies that marketers are spreading, often truly believing that they are right. The truth is that Pinterest can benefit all types of business and that, while more women are pinning than men, males certainly are taking to the site.

One of the largest untapped benefits of using Pinterest for business is search engine optimization (SEO). The SEO power of Pinterest starts in the users profile and is found in full force among the pins.

When setting up a business profile on Pinterest the company name should be placed in the First/Last Name fields, splitting the full company name between the two. This will show the company name at the top of the page verses the showing the name of the person who has set up the account.

Second, and more important to the optimization of a Pinterest profile, is the content placed in the about section. This information shows at the top of a profile under the user’s name and is valuable for being found in searches. The about section allows users to add 200 characters explaining what they do. Place as many keywords describing the company as you can work into a concise business description there.

Once your profile is set, you are ready to pin. Every pin made and each re-pin gives the website source a backlink. With over 80% of pins being re-pinned the SEO effects can be tremendous.

So how do you get your pins re-pinned? By optimizing their description of course! Take advantage of the description field that goes along with each pin. In it you should place simple keywords (or search terms) marked by a hashtag. Pintrest then activates the hashtag used so that when it is clicked on, pinners can view other pins pinned with the same keyword.

Website URLs can also be placed in a pin’s description. Currently, Pinterest hyperlinks these URLs. While some users may not always click on the photo to visit the source site, many are used to clicking through on hyperlinks and will take the bait. These clicks can create unique visitors for your website and the possibility of online sales if your participate in e-commerce.

Keep in mind that no matter how well crafted a hashtaged description is, no one will re-pin content that is dull. Make your images say something. Infographics are a particularly popular item to pin. For starters, they provide useful information with visually appealing delivery. Infographics also tend to be longer in length, giving them more real-estate on the page and a better chance at being noticed.

Another tip that can help with using Pinterest for SEO lies in the source link. When making a pin, the user has the ability to change the URL the photo will direct users to if clicked on. Perhaps a photo came from a press release but you want it to direct users to the homepage of your website, it is possible to alter the source url when making the pin.

Pinterest is well worth taking note of. With over 9 million Facebook connected users the site has become a major player overnight. Don’t wait to add Pinterest to your social media marketing plan. Get in the game early and gain the upper hand against the competition.

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