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How Travelers Can Use Social Media for a Better Experience

What travelers need to know about using social media to plan a vacation and share memories "

How Travelers Can Use Social Media for a Better Experiencetravel industry
How Travelers Can Use Social Media for a Better Experience

// Social Media Gal (Blog) // Sherri Lyn Giguere
Social media platforms in the realm of tourism and travel are becoming much more relevant, especially with the increase in popularity of sharing your travel experiences with others. The fact is social networks can be extremely beneficial when it comes to making your own travel decisions, which is why it is important to understand how social media can impact you and your travel arrangements.

There is a specific lifecycle of a traveler when it comes to social media. The lifecycle of the travel and social media mix is as follows: decision of where to go and planning the trip, while on vacation and post vacation use.

Decision and Planning
Currently up to 20 percent of travelers use mobile apps to find the flight they want to book, while 30 percent of travelers have used these apps to find their hotel and up to 15 percent of users have downloaded a mobile app that is specific to their upcoming vacation. Additionally, reports have shown that up to 52 percent of travelers will change their original plans for traveling after they read negative feedback via a social media platform.

On Vacation Use
Travelers also access social media while on vacation. If you ask most people what the one item they never leave home without is they would say their smartphone. This device is used to post vacation pictures while on vacation to their social media sites and up to half of the travelers will check into locations they visit via FourSquare and Facebook while on vacation. A large number of travelers will also update their status on Facebook or tweet about an exciting activity they are participating in.

After the Vacation Use
Social media use does not end after the vacation is over. In fact, almost half of travelers will post a review of their hotel or accommodations when they return home. Additionally, they will “Like” pages to places they visited and post their photos to their social media sites.

Social media touches every industry, including the travel industry. With platforms such as Trip Advisor, this is becoming increasingly popular. Knowing how social media can help you plan your trip is essential, and even more valuable for hotels, restaurants and airlines who are working to target new and returning customers.

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